Peter Veremis DDS

923 N Limestone St.
Springfield, OH 45503

Digital Photography


One of the most useful new technologies we have incorporated into our practice is digital photography. Digital photographs are useful for documenting facial measurements, condition of your teeth and gums, evaluating your existing smile and design corrections and enhancements, lesions or conditions that may be of concern, and before and after pictures for your records. Digital photography also allows our practice to communicate more effectively and immediately via e-mail with our lab technicians creating your restorations to obtain that perfect shade match of a new crown to your existing teeth. This plays a critical role in obtaining that perfect restoration that makes our practice unique.

Finally, digital photography allows Dr. Veremis and our team to communicate more efficiently with various dental specialists. For instance, it is used to track and monitor suspicious lesions and/or implant cases and email images to the proper specialist when further evaluation is warranted.

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